Valorant: new Agent Astra’s potential package revealed

Valorant: new Agent Astra’s ability kit revealed

Valorant is getting a brand new agent for its upcoming Act, and her identify is Astra. Riot Games revealed Astra’s potential package on Sunday, and it’s filled with cosmic powers, in addition to a number of acquainted results.

Astra’s package largely revolves round putting Stars across the map. Stars are small throwable projectiles, which Astra can use to create totally different results. To place a Star, Astra has to shift into her Astral Form, with which she will place them wherever on the map.

Once a Star is down, Astra can activate it together with her different skills to offer it sure results. One impact makes a concussive blast in a small space across the star, leaving enemies dazed after it explodes. Another creates a small smoke cloud, type of like a remote-activated smoke grenade. Another of her skills, Gravity Well, briefly pulls in close by gamers earlier than exploding and giving them a debuff that causes them to take extra harm.

Astra may decide up her Stars with a capability known as Dissipate. When picked up, the celebrities briefly kind a faux smoke cloud, which Astra can use to trick her enemies.

Finally, Astra’s Ultimate potential permits her to place up an enormous wall wherever on the map, reducing all the factor in two with a barrier separating one half from the opposite. Players can transfer by the wall, however bullets can’t, and audio is closely damped from one aspect to the opposite.

Astra is about to be launched on March 2 with the beginning of Valorant Episode 2, Act 2. Until then, right here’s a full record of her skills:

C — Gravity Well

Place Stars in Astral Form (X)

Activate a Star to kind a Gravity Well. Players within the space are pulled towards the middle earlier than it explodes, making all gamers nonetheless trapped inside Fragile.

Q — Nova Pulse

Place Stars in Astral Form (X)

Activate a Star to detonate a Nova Pulse. The Nova Pulse expenses briefly then strikes, concussing all gamers in its space.

E — Nebula

Place Stars in Astral Form (X)

Activate a Star to rework it right into a Nebula (smoke).

F — Dissipate

Use (F) on a Star to Dissipate it, returning the Star to be positioned in a brand new location after a delay.

Dissipate briefly types a faux Nebula on the Star’s location earlier than returning.

X — Astral Form/Cosmic Divide

Activate to enter Astral Form the place you possibly can place Stars with Primary Fire. Stars will be reactivated later, remodeling them into Nova Pulses, Nebulas, or Gravity Wells.

When Cosmic Divide is charged, use Secondary Fire in Astral Form to start aiming it, then Primary Fire to pick out two places. An Infinity Cosmic Divide connects the 2 factors you choose. Cosmic Divide blocks bullets and closely dampens audio.

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