Valorant patch 1.04 notes: Brimstone and Raze nerf, Viper buff

Valorant patch 1.04 notes: Brimstone and Raze nerf, Viper buff

Valorant’s newest patch is right here and Riot’s nonetheless on a quest to make Viper a viable character. Along with Viper’s recent new buffs, this patch additionally brings small nerfs to Raze and Brimstone, in addition to a nerf and slight rework to the Classic default pistol.

Viper’s change is the most important adjustment this patch, and the most important change Riot has dropped at the character to this point. Viper’s Ultimate skill creates an enormous cloud of poisonous smoke that occupies a big space and obscures the imaginative and prescient of each participant that enters. It’s additionally the power that obtained probably the most consideration this patch.

As lengthy as Viper’s within the smoke cloud, it’s going to keep up and now she has an excellent longer grace interval to depart the smoke and are available again earlier than it disappears. This patch will increase the grace interval from 5 seconds to 12. She now additionally has the choice to drop the Pit each time she desires. Viper can even have her wall and her Poison Cloud up on the identical time with out utilizing extra gas.

Smaller adjustments additionally impacted Raze and Brimstone, whose Ultimate talents now price seven factors to earn as a substitute of six. The Classic pistol additionally obtained a serious rework, together with the removing of jump-shooting at lengthy vary — which might be for the perfect. To assist stability that out, the pistol is now barely extra correct when operating, crouching, or standing nonetheless.

For a take a look at the whole lot that modified in Valorant patch 1.04 you may try the full patch notes.

Valorant patch 1.04 notes

Agent Updates


Viper’s Pit

  • Max time outdoors of her ult earlier than it collapses modified from 5>>>12 seconds
  • Viper can maintain the power key to drop her ult early
  • Enemies in Viper’s Pit have their minimap obscured and don’t present minimap detection to their allies
  • Increased the brightness of the crimson enemy glow on the fringe of Viper’s near-sight

With Viper being allowed out of her ult for such a brief time period, we felt that she was not solely restricted within the performs she might make, but in addition gave an excessive amount of steady data to her enemies. The skill to maneuver outdoors the ult smoke extra freely ought to present some new and fascinating thoughts video games for Viper to play—and hopefully places the strategic strain again on the enemy. The different enhancements ought to push Viper’s benefit in her personal smoke and assist her keep away from getting traded by enemies utilizing minimap imaginative and prescient to focus on her.


  • Enemy decay per second elevated from 10 to 15 from all sources.
  • After exiting Viper’s smoke, enemy decay sustains for 2.5 seconds earlier than beginning to fade

Viper’s decay depleting so shortly from enemies was limiting the benefit it offered and wasn’t creating the risk we had hoped for consequently. Adding a delay earlier than it fades will hopefully widen the window the place Viper and her workforce can capitalize and pair with the Viper’s Pit updates (above) to offer recent methods to play round her ult.


  • Having each Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen energetic doesn’t eat extra gas past the price of having one energetic

The discount in whole uptime when each her imaginative and prescient blockers have been energetic was making it tough for Viper to make use of each instruments collectively. Since Viper’s smoke has a lot dedication and makes up a lot of her package, we need to free her to make use of them in tandem to create highly effective choices for her workforce to take websites.



  • Ultimate Cost modified from 6 to 7 Ult factors

Raze’s final is likely one of the most impactful within the sport and helpful in nearly any scenario. As a consequence, it’s getting used a bit too typically. So we’re upping the fee by 1, which ought to assist scale back how typically gamers must face her Showstopper.


Orbital Strike

  • Ultimate price modified from 6 to 7 Ult factors

Much like Raze’s Ultimate, Brimstone’s Ult may be very impactful and helpful in all kinds of conditions. We really feel prefer it was impacting rounds just a little too incessantly, so determined to up the fee barely.

Stim Beacon

  • No longer Buffs enemies and not exhibits its impact radius to enemies

The Stim beacon is supposed to be a reasonably situational skill however we felt that revealing Brimstone’s location and having the potential to by accident buff enemies was making this skill considerably weaker than we’d like.

Brimstone’s Arms Fidelity

When you actually take into consideration an FPS, you’ll discover you spend an terrible period of time taking a look at your arms…like on a regular basis. Before launch, we supposed to extend the constancy of Brimstone’s arms to match the general high quality of the sport. We did it—now take a look at these weapons!


Cyber Cage

  • Can now be picked up through the purchase part

Weapon Updates


  • Fixed bug the place operating inaccuracy on the right-click was a lot larger than supposed

operating was including a 1.5 penalty as a result of it was referencing our generalized operating error curves for pistols

  • Fixed bug the place leaping had no inaccuracy penalty
  • Running unfold is modified from 3.4 >>> 2.1

primarily a bug repair

  • Jumping unfold modified from 1.9 >>> 2.3
  • Walking unfold modified from 1.9 >>> 1.95
  • Added a 10% bonus to accuracy when crouching and stationary

Intent is to really feel according to crouch offering an accuracy profit

The Classic right-click was the first bug repair right here, however we noticed a chance to make the weapon behave a bit extra constantly. We barely tuned efficacy of soar right-clicks, however (hopefully) haven’t taken away their viability in close-range situations

HUD and UI

Replaced the earlier Weapon Stats textbox within the pre-round store with an easier-to-compare graphical illustration of stats.

Quality of Life

  • Observer minimap imaginative and prescient cones are actually coloured by workforce
  • Replaced Reyna’s Voice Over for Italian and Mexican

Unfortunately, resulting from COVID-19 the abilities we recognized for the function weren’t in a position to report resulting from regional restrictions. You can now discover in-game, the voices we initially supposed for Italian and Mexican Reyna!

Elderflame skins

  • Adjusted the quantity on the Elderflame Operator equip animation
  • Fixed bug that will trigger the quantity to stack in case you spam geared up the Operator
  • Enemy footsteps duck beauty bus correctly

This signifies that enemy footsteps will at all times decrease the quantity of the pores and skin sound results that aren’t essential to gameplay, just like the flame whooshes, dragon roar, and so on.

  • Elderflame Melee examine animation now has sound results for degree 1 and 2

Performance Updates

  • Gun pickup focusing on and Sage Ultimate focusing on unified with ally character highlights, saving VRam and GPU efficiency
  • Minor rendering efficiency fixes
  • Gun pores and skin improve movies are actually streamed as a substitute of domestically saved, lowered set up dimension by 380MB

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed requirement for Reyna to take a look at Soul Orbs to activate them and keep her therapeutic, conduct ought to match that of patch 1.02
  • Fixed one-way Brimstone smokes when the participant’s digicam was across the high of the smoke
  • Fixed Breach’s Aftershock not correctly making use of injury to all characters if a number of are hit by it
  • Fixed jittering when reaching the max flight top of Sova’s drone
  • Fixed Marshall bug the place the weapon maintained accuracy whereas strolling
  • Fixed points with some translucency results being one body behind (corresponding to Jett’s sprint, when utilized by the participant)
  • Fixed ally highlights not displaying up on some AMD GPUs when utilizing MSAA, and a few Intel GPUs
  • Fixed a bug the place loading screens didn’t cowl your complete display when taking part in in sure decision/side ratio combos
  • Shortened the textual content on the photosensitivity warning display
  • Fixed a bug the place the “equip” button would keep greyed out when buying a pores and skin variant that’s being previewed
  • Fixed Brimstone smokes on Haven spawning offset of the place supposed
  • Fixed a typo in Brimstone’s biography (thanks mooonlimes for the report)

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