WandaImaginative and prescient’s sword image connects to previous and future Marvel films

WandaVision’s sword symbol connects to past and future Marvel movies

WandaImaginative and prescient’s warped sitcom life remains to be taking part in its Marvel Comics playing cards near its vest, sowing hints and reaping only a few confirmed info.

But the newest hinting on this week’s third episode of the Disney Plus collection factors to one of many Marvel Universe’s most out-of-this-world secret organizations. And it simply may connect with the way forward for Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, and the Skrull empire.

[Ed. observe: This piece incorporates spoilers for WandaImaginative and prescient by means of episode 3.]

Wanda picks up a helicopter with the SWORD symbol on it in WandaVision

Image: Marvel Studios

Episode 3 of WandaImaginative and prescient spends rather more time with the character of Geraldine than earlier episodes, as she befriends Wanda and helps ship her twin sons. But different members of Westview remark that Geraldine is unusual, and new to city. She’s in contrast to different residents in a single different method as nicely. So far she is the one one who appears to have recollections of Wanda’s life as an Avenger.

Geraldine tells Wanda that she remembers when Ultron killed her brother Pietro, and Wanda turns into agitated and suspicious. We don’t see precisely what occurs subsequent, however the subsequent time we see Geraldine, she’s ejected by means of a shimmering barrier surrounding Westview, as gun-toting, uniformed folks encompass her.

One of the issues Wanda turns into suspicious of is Geraldine’s pendant, a teardrop with an upraised sword in it.

Geradline’s sword pendant in WandaVision

Image: Marvel Studios

The combination of sword imagery and a shadowy army group factors in a single path for Marvel Comics followers: SWORD.

What is SWORD?

SWORD is the Sentient World Observation and Response Department. In different phrases, it’s a counterpart to SHIELD that focuses on extra-terrestrial threats — of which the Marvel Comics Universe has many.

The profile of SWORD doesn’t loom as massive as SHIELD’s in Marvel Comics historical past, although it did have a major position to play in arcs like Secret Invasion, which simply occurs to be one in every of Marvel’s upcoming Disney Plus unique collection.

Also, proper now within the comics, SWORD has advanced into the area exploration and diplomacy arm of the mutant authorities of Krakoa. That’s such a latest growth that it shouldn’t be anticipated that it’ll have any connection to WandaImaginative and prescient, even when Wanda and her brother Pietro was once mutants within the comics. But it is cool.

What is SWORD doing in WandaImaginative and prescient?

Nick Fury in spaaaaace in Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credit teaser scene

Nick Fury in spaaaaace in Spider-Man: Far From Home
Image: Marvel Studios

How precisely has a company that polices alien threats turn out to be related with the Scarlet Witch, a super-powered human? That stays very unclear.

But, there is a really fascinating direct hyperlink between them and “Geraldine.” Geraldine is performed by Teyonah Parris, the actress who signed on to play an grownup model of Monica Rambeau, the younger lady who appeared in Captain Marvel. It appears probably that it’ll ultimately be revealed that Geraldine and Monica are the identical particular person. And if that’s true, you’ve gotten your connection to aliens proper there: Monica is an effective pal of Captain Marvel, essentially the most alien-experienced superhero on Earth.

Monica might even have stored in contact with Nick Fury since Captain Marvel. The final we noticed of SHIELD’s slipperiest agent in Spider-Man: Far From Home, he was in deep area on a Skrull ship. Samuel Jackson will ultimately return to the position for Secret Invasion, and Parris can be seen once more within the un-subtitled Captain Marvel 2. It’s doable, as is the Marvel method, that WandaImaginative and prescient lays the inspiration for each future installments of the MCU.

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