WandaVision episode 8 after credit scene could be a long-teased cameo

WandaVision episode 8 after credits scene might be a long-teased cameo

WandaVision episode 8, “Previously On,” delves into all of the backstory that followers of the collection have been ready for. Not solely do viewers learn the way Wanda wound up in Westview and introduced Vision again into the image after the occasions of Endgame, we additionally get a glimpse of her childhood in Sokovia and additional again to a time when Agatha Harkness first harnessed her true powers.

No spoilers (we’ll get to that), however the one factor anybody ought to know earlier than watching “Previously On” is that the eighth episode drops an important post-credits scene after the primary spherical of credit. If you haven’t seen the episode but, that’s all it is advisable know for now.

The second has large implications for subsequent week’s finale — and, in a sneaky manner, makes good on a tease that Vision actor Paul Bettany’s been dangling in entrance of viewers for weeks.

[Ed. observe: This piece incorporates spoilers for WandaVision episode 8.]

Wanda looks on at Wanda and Vision in black-and-white

Image: Marvel Studios

“Previously On” is a real info-dump / tee-up to what needs to be a traditional Marvel finale motion setpiece. First, we see Agatha again in colonial days in what seems like a stake burning throughout the Salem witch trials, however is definitely only a bunch of witches zapping her to demise for dabbling in darkish magic! The plan backfires, and Agatha turns into the power-hungry Agatha we all know from Westview.

With Wanda captured in her dungeon basement, Agatha spends many of the episode whisking the superhuman via her personal reminiscences to grasp how she was capable of conjure such a powerful mixture of thoughts management and transmutation. Her assertion: Wanda isn’t only a gifted telekinetic experimented on by HYDRA again throughout the occasions of Age of Ultron — her perception is that she’s an precise witch. In a sequence set throughout her childhood, which depicts the incident that set her on a course of anti-American terrorism, Wanda evidently makes use of actual magic to stave off a Stark Industries missile that lands in her residence in Sokovia. As Agatha places it on the finish of the episode, “You’re the Scarlet Witch.”

Though recognized by the moniker within the comics, nobody within the MCU has truly referred to Wanda by that hero identify. Now it’s the crux of the plot. But earlier than Wanda can cope with that, we get a post-credit scene that brings Vision again into the image.

As we study in “Previously On,” the Vision we see in Westview shouldn’t be “Real Vision” — he’s a totally new being conjured by Wanda’s unfathomable energy. Real Vision is useless, and damaged into bits in a SWORD lab. Wanda doesn’t steal his physique as some assumed, which means sooner or later there have been two Visions in actuality (regardless of one being made attainable by the Mind Stone, a peak of recognized energy within the universe).

In the previous few episodes, Monica, Jimmy, and Darcy found a secret SWORD challenge, Cataract, overseen by director Tyler Hayward. The plan was to not truly monitor and decommission Vision, however in principle, revive the outdated model they’d. Now it appears, by utilizing remnants of Wanda’s personal powers lifted from the spy drone, Hayward has accomplished it.

White Vision in a glass tube from Wandavision episode 8

Image: Marvel Studios

In the post-credit second, we see an all-white model of Vision come to life. Now there actually are two Visions: One trapped in Westview (as seen speaking to digicam in episode 7) and one working for the individuals who wish to remove Wanda.

“There is one character that has not been revealed,” Bettany advised Esquire again in February. “And it is very exciting. It is an actor I’ve longed to work with all of my life. We have some amazing scenes together and I think the chemistry between us is extraordinary and fireworks on set.”

Many speculated on who that cameo could be — Benedict Cumberbatch stepping in as Doctor Strange? John Krasinski as a brand new Reed Richard from Fantastic Four? But now the reply appears clearer: the character could be … Paul Bettany himself, taking part in White Vision. In a world with two Visions, one can solely assume that the 2 may have an opportunity to fulfill in a most spectacular vogue. This is named “cheeky British humor.”

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