Watch Netflix’s Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts with the present’s writing group

Watch Netflix’s Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts with the show’s writing team

Last January, Netflix premiered Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, an animated journey set in a fantastical post-apocalyptic future the place nature has taken over and people have been pressured underground. Kipo follows the titular heroine, who’s been separated from her burrow group and should trek throughout the floor, attempting to get house. Along the best way, she meets stoic fighter Wolf, funky wannabe-DJ Benson, and his smart-talking bug pal Dave, they usually navigate the damaging, lovely world collectively.

mandu, kipo, wolf, benson, and dave all hanging out

Image: DreamWorks Animation/Netflix

Now, Kipo’s writing group is launching a collection of casual watch events for the collection, beginning April 25th at 1 pm ET. Writers Ben Mekler, Chris Amick, Joanna Lewis, Kristine Songco, Taylor Orci, and Leore Baris, together with showrunners Bill Wolkoff and Rad Sechrist, will host the collection through Netflix Party. Links shall be posted on Mekler, Wolkoff, and Sechrist’s Twitter accounts. Every Saturday, the crew will watch two episodes and chat with followers, providing insights on the present’s creation and answering questions.

Mekler instructed Polygon through a Twitter DM that whereas the group doesn’t have deliberate commentary, he expects they’ll be discussing how the present developed and altered from the planning phases.

“I have a feeling we’ll at least wind up talking about alternate versions of episodes that existed,” Mekler says. “Obviously the creators, Bill [Wolkoff] and Rad [Sechrist], had a general arc for the season figured out before the writers started, but a lot changed organically as we went. Sometimes that meant moving major story beats around, and sometimes that just meant fun alternate takes on episodes. For example, the fitness raccoons episode had like 10 different iterations, with different animal packs. At one point, I believe some line-dancing possums were on the table.”

Mekler hopes the expertise shall be enjoyable for folks meaning to rewatch the present, but additionally invite new viewers into the world. Ultimately, although, they determined to host the watch events as a result of the writers take pleasure in spending time collectively.

“A big part of us wanting to do this is that the writers love each other and this show a lot. It’s partially just an excuse for us to hang out,” Mekler says. “If you’ve by no means seen Kipo, hopefully this shall be a enjoyable excuse to observe it. If you’ve seen it earlier than, we hope this shall be an attention-grabbing watch. And a humorous one. We will completely be doing bits. If you couldn’t inform from the image, we’re dorks.”

He additionally added that folks who’ve despatched of their children’ questions could lastly get a solution to urgent inquiries like, “How much does a Mega Bunny weigh?” and “Are there lizards in the city, too?”

“Hopefully they can log on and we can answer some of those really terrific questions without violating our NDAs,” Mekler says.

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