World of Warcraft’s new soul data is a philosophical nightmare

World of Warcraft’s new soul information is a philosophical nightmare

In order to tease the subsequent World of Warcraft growth, Shadowlands, Blizzard has been airing a collection of animated shorts known as Afterlives. Each quick covers one of many 4 zones and factions we’ll be coping with in Shadowlands, and previews the prime battle for gamers. Now, World of Warcraft lore is at all times bizarre, and an growth the place everybody goes to the afterlife to chase down ghosts goes to be inherently unusual. But among the data revealed in these Afterlives shorts is genuinely horrifying.

Seriously, holy shit

The core premise of Shadowlands is that everybody has a soul, and while you die, your soul is judged. From there, it’s despatched to a ultimate vacation spot. Literally all afterlives are true and actual, and all religions have been appropriate. We’ll be seeing 4 of these afterlives in Shadowlands, however individuals can go anyplace.

Draka, Thrall’s mother and a really good woman, died and left her husband Durotan behind. You can simply die after which by no means see your family members once more. That’s not even the stuff that’s actually worrying.

In the newest quick, “Ardenweald,” we noticed a longtime lore determine die. This is Ursoc, who we killed within the Emerald Nightmare raid throughout Legion. Now, as Ardenweald struggles to outlive, Ursoc needed to sacrifice himself. He died within the afterlife.

What? If you die within the Shadowlands, you die in actual life? What occurs to somebody who’s double lifeless? Every time I attempt to theorize how that works, I take psychic injury.

Double bother

But no less than with Ursoc, we solely have to fret about one soul. In the “Bastion” quick, we noticed Uther the Lightbringer die by the hands of Arthas, an occasion that occurred throughout Warcraft 3. We discovered that Uther went to Bastion, and solely returned to Azeroth to solid Arthas into tremendous hell.

But wait. No, that’s not proper. Players noticed Uther throughout the Wrath of the Lich King growth, within the Halls of Reflection dungeon. He has an entire speech about forgiving Arthas and never eager to solid him into tremendous hell!

Uther the Lightbringer says: Arthas…

Uther the Lightbringer says: Alas, hero of Azeroth, you give me a higher present than .

Uther the Lightbringer says: Long have I struggled to forgive the prince for his horrible transgressions.

Uther the Lightbringer says: My soul has been wracked with insufferable anxiousness, darkish ideas… distancing me from the Light.

Uther the Lightbringer says: I recall clearly the gleam of pleasure in his eye as he stood earlier than me, desirous to defeat the enemies of the Light…

Uther the Lightbringer says: Eager to defend his individuals, irrespective of the fee.

Uther the Lightbringer says: It is that this reminiscence of Arthas that I select to maintain in my coronary heart.

Uther the Lightbringer says: I shall at all times be in your debt, buddy.

Uther the Lightbringer says: Thank you.

This could be a retcon, however followers suppose in any other case. There’s a second within the “Bastion” quick that gamers preserve discussing. A user named dreamfisher on the Warcraft Lore subreddit writes:

When we see Uther’s soul leaving his physique, whereas it’s nonetheless entire its colour is white. When it splits, the 2 fragments are blue and gold. The blue fragment is swallowed by Frostmourne, whereas the gold one passes on to Bastion.

This could be a case the place we have now to ask, “Geez, Uther, how come the Arbiter lets you may have two souls?” And if this occurred to everybody who died by way of Frostmourne, it has huge implications. Sylvanas Windrunner, one among our predominant antagonists, died by way of Frostmourne. There could possibly be a great Sylvanas on the market, and Azeroth received saddled with the evil twin.

All of this raises large moral, scientific, and theological questions that I can’t even start to reply. What occurs when a soul dies? Can you may have two souls? If so, does one among them should be evil? Or are they simply misunderstood? All we are able to do is wait till Shadowlands and its endgame arrive.

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