World’s greatest Breath of the Wild gamers bought collectively to kick ass

World’s best Breath of the Wild players got together to kick ass

RinHara5aki, Kleric, CHC Yu-Da, and Peco are, on their very own, a few of the most technically spectacular The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gamers on the planet — their movies showcasing advanced and obscure combat methods have accrued millions of views on YouTube. The 4 of them getting collectively for a single video is nearly an excessive amount of to deal with.

“The Four” is a fight montage that’s the results of 4 months of labor, and it’s meant as a final hurrah for Breath of the Wild. With a sequel on the way in which, group chief RinHara5aki thought it might be a good suggestion to make a love letter to the sport earlier than saying goodbye.

“A whole lot of love and care has gone into the manufacturing of this montage, with a few of the brightest BOTW minds from around the globe,” the video description reads.

Note that it takes about two minutes for the motion to get going, however as soon as it does, ho boy. I didn’t know a number of these things was doable. Enemies get frozen and refrozen inside cut up seconds; they get bombed into the air, frozen with stasis, after which arrowed down; they get flung into the horizon as if nothing. Link does flips whereas laying down electrical traps. One of my favourite sequences sees Link freezing the enemy to bounce off of it, and as soon as excessive above the baddie, he lets down a bathe of explosive arrows.

Overkill? Maybe. But the video is all about fashion. There’s legit even a phase the place Link walks away because the Guardian explodes within the distance.

Damn, Breath of the Wild was a very good sport, huh?

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