Xiaomi MIUI 8 Tips n Tricks and Hidden features

MIUI, the custom Android user interface used by the Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi recently received a major update of MIUI 8. While this popular Android variant has always offered a good quality and quantity of features over stock Android, the list grew even further with the latest version. There are many tricks not available explicitly on its interface. It s really worth knowing these MIUI 8 hidden system commands to make you an elite MIUI Ninja. What are they? Let’s Start.

1. Dual Apps


This feature is very important.  We also call it ‘Clone app’ feature. Sometimes, you might want to run two instances of the same application on your phone. For example, you might have two SIM cards, and would like to run WhatsApp or Telegram or Wechat or any other app on both the numbers. This would be impossible on any other ROM without rooting or without using any third party app like Parallel Space, but is a built-in feature of MIUI 8. To enable this, go to Settings > Dual apps. Here, you can select the apps of which you want to run two instances. The original app will stay unaffected, and you will see another icon of the same app, with a yellow symbol on the bottom left corner. This is your cloned app, and will run independently of the original app.

2. One-Handed Mode


Often while traveling in a bus or metro, one of our hands is occupied, but we still need to use the phone. With the ever-increasing screen sizes of smartphones, it gets difficult to use them with just one hand. To make life easier, turn on one-handed mode by sliding your thumb from the physical Home button towards the left or right. Your screen area will shrink to the dimensions of a 4 or 3.5-inch phone (Customizable by clicking the Gear icon in the dark area).

To turn this mode off, do the same sliding thumb gesture you did to turn it on or touch in blank area, and your screen area will return to normal.

3. Scheduled SMS 


One great feature in the default SMS app(Messaging) of MIUI 8, is the ability to schedule a message. For example, it might be late at night and you want your message to reach your friend in the morning, instead of waking them up at night. Another potential usage is to set it up to wish a contact on their birthday.

To do this, open a conversation in the Messaging app, type in a message, tap the plus sign (+) to the left of the message input field, and then tap on Timed in the bottom right corner. You can then select the day and time at which your message will be sent.

4. Child Mode


If you have to hand over your phone to a child (or a mischievous adult), and want to restrict which applications they have access to, you can turn on Child Mode. It can be turned on by going to Settings > Additional Settings > Child mode. Simply turn it on, select the apps that you wish to enable in this mode, and hand it over without the fear of changed wallpapers, deleted photos, or other miscellaneous mischief.

5. Notes App Feature


The built-in notes app in MIUI 7 worked great, and had some handy features such as reminders, checklists, folder support, and more. With the MIUI 8 update, the interface received an overhaul, and added new features. Every note can now be made to look prettier by adding a template background. The choice includes the playful ‘Candy’, ‘Dark’, ‘Stars’, and many more.

It is possible to hide and lock notes in the default Notes app. Long press on a note to select it, and tap the Hide button on the bottom. This will prevent the note from appearing with the other notes, and make it unsearchable using the search function. To open such a hidden note, hold down the search bar, and drag downwards till you see a lock icon. You can then access your hidden notes after you enter your lock pattern or passcode.

6. Advanced Calculator


The built-in calculator is now an all-in-one tool for advanced calculations and conversions. It includes a scientific mode, converters for various units such as length, area, temperature, speed, and mass, a real-time currency converter, and even a mortgage calculator!

7. Second Space

One of the most unique features that MIUI 8 brings is Second Space. This feature lets you configure a second workspace on your phone, similar to how user accounts in Windows and macOS work. Both the spaces act independently, with a different set of apps, photos, passcode, files, themes, Mi account, and so on. One example usage is to use one space as ‘Personal’, with your Facebook, WhatsApp, and personal email, and the other as ‘Work’, containing your office-specific apps and work email account.

To enable it, go to Settings > Second space > Turn on Second space. You will then be prompted to set up a passcode, transfer apps, photos, and other data, and finally customize the second space to your liking.

8. Quick Ball Feature Like Apple iOS


Xiaomi have added new quick ball features on the MiUi 8. You must have seen this feature in iPhones and iOS devices. It is very useful, you can access all your navigation button from this. You can only set 5 option to Quick ball.

You need to enable it from Settings. Simply switch to Settings > Additional Settings > Quick Ball. Now Turn on Quick Ball.

By default you will get 5 options: Back, Screenshot, Lock, Home and Menu. There are some other options also like you can hide it in some apps. like while playing the game you don’t want to see it. So you can hide it. Even you can use it on Lock screen also. Just try it out. You can also customize it. Like if you want to change the Screenshot option to Torch or any other option. Go to Select Shortcuts and tap the icon you want to replace and select the desired option. You can even add an app, so you can quickly access it with quick ball option.


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