Minecraft Dungeons: How to construct a Mage class – Artifacts, Weapons, Armors & extra

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It’s not a dungeon crawler with out somebody slinging spells! So let’s go over methods to construct a mage character.

Minecraft Dungeons is at present in closed beta, however the anticipated launch date is lower than two weeks away.

That means it’s time to go over all of the methods you’ll be able to play the sport so that you’re prepared for launch.

Let’s go over methods to construct a mage class character with artifacts, weapons, armors, and extra.

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A unique tackle mages

Minecraft Dungeons doesn’t strategy mages like different conventional dungeon crawlers or RPGs.

There aren’t any static spells that mage characters be taught over time, and also you aren’t going to return throughout spell books both.

Instead you’ll come throughout totally different artifacts, enchantment selections, weapon results, and gadgets. You’ll use these to kill mobs to gather souls, and use these souls to gas talents out of your artifacts.

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Without these artifacts mages can nonetheless affect battle by way of weapon results, however its vital to get your caster slinging actual spells as quickly as potential.

So to make the magic occur in Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll need to get inventive.


Minecraft Dungeons artifacts with highly effective, dependable results are what mage builds are going to search for.

Let’s go over a number of the artifacts that match the invoice for the magical aspect of Minecraft Dungeons.

Lightning Rod

LightningRod Minecraft Dungeons
RIDE THE LIGHTNING- Gather souls to gas your lightning rod to dish out harm

Lightning Rod might be the primary artifact your mage will come throughout in Minecraft Dungeons. It’s a typical artifact, nevertheless it packs a punch when fueled with souls.

While the Lightning Rod isn’t going to outdamage the perfect melee or ranged weapons, its impact continues to be highly effective. For some souls, you’ll be able to repeatedly use the Lightning Rod to name down lightning bolts on foes. You may even name it down on teams of mobs with some good purpose, which can assist take out dense packs from a distance.

Corrupted Beacon

Corrupted Beacon Minecraft Dungeons Mages
WIZARDRY- The Corrupted Beacon powers an unbelievable beam with souls

For the artifacts at present revealed in Minecraft Dungeons, Corrupted Beacon is definitely the strongest and most enjoyable for mages.

The Corrupted Beacon makes use of souls to launch an enormous and highly effective beam that you could maintain for so long as you have got the souls. This beam offers 185 harm a second to all mobs hit, making it a room clearer.

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With the Lightning Rod hitting for roughly 65, it is a enormous step up that each mage can be on the lookout for round each nook.


Mages aren’t often going to give attention to weapons. But earlier than build up artifacts, and earlier than gathering sufficient souls, they’re a probable necessity. Thankfully you’ll be able to fill your weapon hole with absolutely anything as a mage, so merely search for distinctive weapon results to assist your crew. Once you get your artifacts and souls, nonetheless, weapons are a factor of the previous.

With that in thoughts we’ll go over the one weapon that actually issues for mages, the Feral Soul Crossbow.

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Feral Soul Crossbow

The Feral Soul Crossbow is an extremely distinctive weapon in that it permits mages to assemble souls earlier than artifacts. This is the one weapon with this impact within the sport as of the time of this writing.

By getting the Feral Soul Crossbow, you’ll be able to farm up souls for a very long time even with out discovering your first large artifacts. That means when you do get an artifact just like the Corrupted Beacon, it may well deal huge quantities of injury for a very long time.


Armors aren’t often a serious concern for mages, and are usually solely used as an enhancement to spells. This is far the identical in Minecraft Dungeons.

With that in thoughts let’s focus on a few the armors that really stand out from the pack for spell-slinging.

Evocation Robe

The Evocation Robe is a typical merchandise which is nice information for gamers trying to construct a mage.

The Evocation Robe gives the usual 100 bonus well being, however extra importantly it lowers merchandise cooldowns by 25%, and will increase motion velocity by 15%. This mixture means you’ll be extra cell and in a position to make use of your artifacts extra usually.

This is precisely the place mage characters wish to be.

Souldancer Robe

souldancer robe 1
EERIE- The Souldancer Robe is ideal for mages who acquire the souls of mobs to energy spells

While the Souldancer Robe is considerably much less thrilling than the Evocation Robe, it’s nonetheless a priceless pickup for mages. Even past the immersive taste behind the armor, with souls seemingly weaved into the material of the gown.

The Souldancer Robe units your character’s max well being to 305. This is nice for mages who’re usually low well being and squishy characters.

While the Souldancer Robe does nothing to your offense, its taste and excessive well being bonus means it’s a worthy pickup.

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