Government Allows Airlines to Provide In-Flight Wi-Fi Services

Government Allows Airlines to Provide In-Flight Wi-Fi Services

The central authorities on Monday permitted airways working in India to present in-flight Wi-Fi companies to passengers, in accordance to official notification.

“The Pilot-in-Command may permit the access of Internet services by passengers on board an aircraft in flight, through Wi-Fi on board, when laptop, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, e-reader or a point of sale device is used in flight mode or airplane mode,” the notification said.

While taking the supply of its first Boeing 787-9 plane at Everett on final Friday, Vistara CEO Leslie Thng had informed reporters that it will be the primary aircraft in India to present in-flight Wi-Fi companies.

To recall, again in 2018, the Telecom Commission permitted in-flight connectivity, facilitating each voice and knowledge calls and knowledge browsing in Indian airspace.

“Almost all recommendations by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on this have been accepted. We are expediting the process (to start) and within 3-4 months it should be ready. We will be operationalising this decision immediately,” Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan had informed reporters in 2018.

She mentioned there have been solely two exception to TRAI’s suggestions. The sector regulator mentioned that overseas satellites and overseas gateways must also be permitted, “but there had been an earlier committee of secretaries meeting that decided that it should be an Indian satellite or a Department of Space approved satellite and the gateway should be in India.”

Sundararajan mentioned: “We have to create a separate category of licensee, called In-Flight Connectivity Provider. This will also be applicable for ships. Re. 1 will be the token licence fee. It is applicable above 3,000 metres.”

She had additionally mentioned that the matter needn’t go to the Cabinet for approval.

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