Microsoft Adds Reply All Storm Protection in Office 365

Microsoft Adds Reply All Storm Protection in Office 365
Microsoft has began rolling out a ‘Reply All Storm Protection’ Exchange Online characteristic in Office 365 that helps keep away from unintentional mass replies in company emails. The characteristic’s first announcement was made again in Microsoft Ignite 2019.

“Initially the Reply All Storm Protection feature will mostly benefit large organizations who have large distribution lists. When the feature detects a likely reply all storm taking place on a large DL it will block subsequent attempts to reply all to the thread and will return an NDR to the sender. The reply all block will remain in place for several hours.”, explains Microsoft.

The characteristic kicks in when it detects 10 reply all-s involving over 5000 recipients inside 60 minutes and can keep efficient for 4 hours. Below is how the non-delivery report would appear like when the characteristic will get triggered within the occasion of an e mail storm.

microsoft reply storm block example
Image: Microsoft

The characteristic will likely be initially restricted to massive organizations. However, the Redmond large is working to broaden it in order that comparatively smaller corporations might get benefitted as nicely.“Over time, as we gather usage telemetry and customer feedback, we expect to tweak, fine-tune, and enhance the Reply All Storm Protection feature to make it even more valuable to a broader range of Office 365 customers.”, wrote Microsoft.

As identified by ZDNet, Microsoft received affected by two such incidents within the current previous, involving as much as 52,000 staff in an e mail storm. The firm says it has observed diminished reply all storms internally ever for the reason that first implementation of the characteristic.

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