OneDrive’s new feature to restore Ransomware files of Victim User

As you know, OneDrive is one of the most famous Microsoft services. Recently, the company added new features to the service, and it seems that this trend will not be stopped soon. Stay tuned with hardware.

One of the cool features that will soon be released in OneDrive is Files Restore, and as its name suggests, this feature allows users to instantly restore files that have been deleted by mistake.

Ryan Schwitten, Senior Manager of the Office Servers suite, posted an image on his Twitter account, which can be used to test the OneDrive feature. In this tweet, Ryan said that file recovery is one of the key concerns of users who are victims of ransomware.

The new OneDrive feature is scheduled for a few weeks in general for the OneDrive service and its users.Unfortunately, the exact time is not announced, and it is not clear whether this feature will only be available in the OneDrive Business Edition or users of the regular version will also have access to it. But in any case, Files Restores is capable of reducing many of the worries of runaway attacks.

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