Enjoy Google with 5 of the best free Latest Android apps

Datally data management application

The goal of developing the Datally application, in addition to the need for users to identify applications that are most used, can be controlled and prevented from being overused. This new app will allow users to view the relevant information hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. By activating Data Saver mode, all activities of various applications in the background are permanently tracked, and users can only stop the application by touching a single button. Another functionality of the Datally program is to inform users of the free Wi-Fi community around and help connect them. Considering the quality of these public networks, it’s possible to share experiences with other people as well. According to Google, after many months of testing this new software in the Philippines, most users, using Datally, were able to save up to 30 percent. This is your data, so you have to control how to use it. Datally’s Data Saver feature lets you control which apps use mobile data to block the use of unwanted data. You can allow specific apps to use data for 10 or 30 minutes at a time or at all times.

Notification History Notification History categorization program

Android has always been good in terms of notifications, and this performance has improved over time. However, what can you do if you accidentally delete an important notification? For such situations, you can count on the Notification History app. This simple app can not only archive your phone’s notification types, but also has more attractive features than any other app. Notification History stores attachments attached to them in addition to archiving annotations. This app does not allow Internet access, so you do not have to worry about your privacy. You can also specify the maximum number of saved notifications to exceed the amount of these saved notifications. In addition, you can set this app to not archive application notifications. In the Notification History environment, you can view the content of the notifications and information about the app’s notifying application. Of course, not all features of this app are free and for a more advanced service, you should pay $ 3.49 through in-app payments.

ASAP Launcher

If you are constantly on the lookout for the latest Launcher ASAP, this is the story for you. As the app title says, ASAP Launcher wants to take care of all your work in the shortest possible time. To achieve this, Launcher designers have designed an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to access different parts of Android easily. For example, Home Cinema Launcher is designed based on several cards that display things like calendar events and contacts and lists of tasks. All of these cards are customizable depending on your taste. ASAP Launcher There are two separate drop-down menus for quick access to Android apps and settings, which appear as swipe from the right and left corners of the screen. If the only reason you install a launcher is quick access to Android settings and apps, ASAP Launcher can be the ideal option for you.

Motion Still Memoire

It’s interesting to know that Google did not initially have a tendency to release MotionStables for Android, but the insistence and persistence of users caused the search engine giant to revise its decision. The Android version of MotionStables is compatible with all the devices running Android 5.1 above, so a wide range of users of Google’s operating system can experience it. If you are not familiar with Mobile Studio, you should know that this app can convert all your videos into short and shareable clips. Additionally, the app lets you capture a Still Motion Still or make Fast Videos with Fast Forward. When you record a long video, the Fast Forward feature can speed up playback and make it a more compact and shorter video. You can also increase the video playback speed up to 8 times the normal mode. One of the good features of the Stills theme is that thanks to a special algorithm it can well prevent camera shake while shooting.

Firefox Focus Browser

A complete version of Firefox features with powerful personalization and privacy options is prepared for your mobile and tablet. With Firefox, block ads with followers automatically. Additionally, it can increase the loading speed of your pages. Get a private browser that’s always yours. Keep your mobile storage for your memories. Firefox Focus leaves more space for User. An empty browser. A very powerful privacy feature that removes your entire session every time you browse. Sending tabs allows you to easily associate your own tabbed mobile and desktop PCs.

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