How to upgrade your Android phone?


Want a newer software?

We all want a new phone. However, the progress of smartphones goes so slowly that there is no guarantee that your new phone will be better than your previous phone. So perhaps a better way is to upgrade the phone you have. but how? We tell you why and how you should do this.

If you want to keep up-to-date, you can buy your own Google phones that always provide the latest version of the operating system. If not, you can install a ROM. We recommend Lineage OS, which you can install on almost every phone and upgrade it continuously. This has three main advantages:

1. You will always have an updated operating system version.

2. You will receive the latest security updates.

3. Additional features that you will not find anywhere else.

Change your interface with launcher

Installing a ROM is a professional way and everyone will not come back. An easier way to upgrade your Android phone is to install a new launcher. The home screen drawer launcher changes your app and gives you a new look that can be customized and you can change the size of the icons as well. Launchers like Nova and Action Launcher also feature the latest Android and pixel devices. Launchers cannot be upgraded, but if you’re looking for something new, launcher can keep you happy for a while.

Have more storage space

One of the main reasons we decide to change our phone is the end of our storage space. A new device can take up to a few dozen gigabytes of free space, but it only takes a few months to fill our photos, videos and music.

But before you upgrade your device, take a few points.

Adoptable Storage feature

If your phone has a micro SD card, you must use it. Many devices running Android 6.0 upgrade support Adoptable Storage. This feature makes your Android device look at your card as an extension to your internal storage. It’s no longer necessary to transfer files and apps to internal or external storage, all of which happen automatically. In phones that support adoptable storage, when you connect an SD card to your phone, you are asked if you intend to use this feature. To enable this feature, go to Settings> Storage. Select your card and go to Storage Settings> Format as internal storage. Of course, both methods clear your card so be sure to take a backup.

Cloudy space

If your phone does not have a memory card slot, you can use cloud storage. Open the Google Photos app for photos and videos and select Menu> Free up space> Free up. This will remove all images that are older than thirty days and have been taken back from them.

You can save your music in Google Play Music and delete them from your phone. Then download if you need them or listen online. Save videos to your Dropbox account and watch online if needed.

The speed of your phone is low!

The speed of all handsets goes down over time. It’s not hardware that gets into trouble, but it’s getting bloated day by day and does not work properly. But instead of buying a new phone, you can take the most out of your hardware.

Do not use tools such as Task Manager or those that say they speed up. Instead, consider an easier way: factory reset. Take away all your important information. Then go to Settings> Backup & reset and return your phone to factory settings. Then just install the apps you use. You see your phone works just like the first day.

You want a better camera!

The camera is one of the only smartphone gadgets that will be upgraded in the next generation. While a certain amount of work cannot be done with a very small camera, there are still some ways to improve it. The camera is one of the only smartphone gadgets that will be upgraded in the next generation. While a certain amount of work cannot be done with a very small camera, there are still some ways to improve it.

The software has a huge impact on the quality of your photos. Google pixel phones have great software for photography. The Google Camera app is officially available only for pixel devices. But you can install a version of it on devices that have a Snap Dragon 820 or 835 chipset. These phones include the van Plus 3 T, 5, 5 T, LG G6, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Snapdragon versions. It supports HDR + and RAW photography.

Upgrade your camera lens

If you’re serious about taking photos, you can buy a lens for your camera phone. The wide, telephoto, fisheye and macro lenses are good options that work on Galaxy S8, Note 8 and pixels.

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